2022 Tri-County Fair

Once you’ve experienced a true country fair, there’s nothing else like it in the world. Our annual Fair has been going strong for 118 years. That’s more than a century of true family fun that spans generations of Oklahomans from all walks of life. In fact, the Carnegie Fair has been in operation longer than almost any fair in western Oklahoma. Why don’t you join us this year for another great experience? If you do, look at what all waits for you…

The Fair Midway

Starting in 2008, the Carnegie Fair embarked on a project to purchase several amusement rides that we would own for ourselves. The first year, we purchased the Space Train, the Swing Ride, and the Fish Ride. These were all purchased through extremely generous donations from two local businesses, The Farmers Bank and Carnegie Telephone Company. After the debut of these three kiddie rides, public response was enormous. The community rallied behind our efforts to build a lasting and continuing tradition that would endure.

In 2009, we added an Eli Bridge #5 Ferris Wheel, which was completely refurbished thanks to the generous donations of countless individuals and businesses in the local community. As a tribute to these donors, the ride has several signs and plaques that commemorate their involvement with the community.

2012 brought yet another addition to the Midway with the purchase of another ride, the Pirate Ship, in collaboration with the Hinton Fair and the Fort Cobb District Fair. In 2013, we added The Wildcat, a restored Garbrick Merry Mixer ride set to dazzling lights and pulse-pounding music.

2018 featured a major upgrade to the Rocket Train ride, which is now permanently installed in the Carnegie Park. A dedicated track for the train was built, as well as the Little Train House to store the train cars when the ride is not being used.

In addition to the five amusement rides, we also offer an array of traditional ‘county’ fair carnival games, ranging from the ever-popular and timeless baseball throw, to a sand pit game for little ones, as well as several ring-toss and ball-throwing games that will delight everyone young and young at heart.

Of course, BINGO is the BIG DEAL!! At 25 cents a card, people are usually lined up deep to play this ever-popular game in our newly-renovated stand in order to win various prizes, varying from kitchen equipment, household supplies, all the way up to iPads and flat-panel TV’s!


Every year, we strive to bring top-notch entertainment to the event. For 2022, we will have three nights of great music lined up for everyone.

The Food

Why did we put this THIRD??! Yeah… you’re coming to the fair for the FOOD!! Why wouldn’t you? The Carnegie Church of the Nazarene and the Carnegie High School’s FFA program operate two big food stands selling a variety of traditional American fare like Steak, 100% beef hamburgers, smoked turkey legs, homemade pies and more. Both of these organizations also operate two different buffet-style options each night of the fair.

If you’re wanting FAIR FOOD, or maybe STATE FAIR food, you’re in luck. All of our food vendors are local individuals, groups, and organizations that prepare an amazing variety of food. There’s everything from Footlong Corndogs, Fried Oreos & Twinkies, Funnel Cakes, and much more.

There’s way more than we have listed. Funnel cakes, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, you name it… we have it!!


We thought you might. Email us at carnegiefairvendors@gmail.com