Rides & Attractions

The Carnegie Tri-County Fair has a collection of antique and restored amusement rides from around the world. Through the generosity of various businesses, individuals, and volunteers, we have been able to purchase these rides over the last 13 years. A dedicated team of people take care of the rides year-round, and keep them ready for each year’s event.

Rocket Train

S. R. Rondina Space Train

The Rocket Train was purchased in 2008 from a closed park in Ardmore, OK. The park, Dizzy’s One Fun Place, had closed a year earlier. Through a generous donation from The Farmers Bank, we acquired the ride and refurbished it with the help of the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center’s Auto Collision program. From 2008 to 2016, we moved the ride in each year and set it up on the grass near the west side of the park. We then would disassemble the ride and put it into storage. In 2016, the Greg Little Family donated the Little Train House, where the train now is stored permanently.

Swing Ride

The Swing Ride is a homemade ride that originally came from a park in Clovis, NM. After that park closed in the 2000’s, it was bought by a park in San Antonio, TX. We purchased the ride in 2008 and moved it to Carnegie.

Fish Ride

This ride, along with the Train, came from Dizzy’s One Fun Place in Ardmore, OK. It is a General Amusements Fish Go Round ride. We purchased it through a generous donation from Carnegie Telephone Company. It was restored and installed in a former car ride building on the west side of the park. In 2021, we demolished the old building it inhabited to make room for several new rides. We still have the ride, however! As it is on wheels, we can move it out into the park during the fair. It holds 6 small riders, and is often the very first ride children take at our fair.

Ferris Wheel

Eli Bridge #5 / Wisdom Industries Conversion

This Ferris Wheel is an antique ride that was originally built in 1925 by the Eli Bridge Company. We purchased the ride in 2009 and moved it to the park. Originally, this was a movable wheel, meant to be assembled and disassembled each week by a traveling carnival. It has stood on the south end of the park since 2009. Through sponsorship by various local organizations, businesses, and individuals, we carefully restored each seat to like-new condition, complete with replacement hardware from the Eli Bridge Company. The seats are installed the week of the fair, and then placed into storage during the off-season to keep them in top condition. Standing over 65 feet tall, it is the tallest ride in the park.

Pirate Ship

General Kiddie Rides – Vikingo Ship Ride

This adorable ship came to the Carnegie Park in 2012. It was purchased from a carnival company in Chicago, IL. It made the voyage to Carnegie that summer, where it has been featured in every fair annually since then. It also sails to Hinton and Fort Cobb each year for their town’s fairs, as they share ownership of the ride.

The Wildcat

Garbrick Manufacturing Merry Mixer

We like to have rides that the whole family can enjoy together. We found this ride in 2015, and it provided an opportunity for us to have an attraction for young and old alike. This Garbrick Merry Mixer, with its 16 seats each capable of holding up to three people each, allows for a huge capacity. It also doesn’t disappoint in its excitement. With its fast twirling motion, spinning riders around each other, it can make everyone put a smile on their face. Coupled with heart-pounding music and special lighting and other effects, it is a popular ride for young and the young at heart. It’s located on the north side of the park.